Dev Dividends

As per the listing requirements, your liquidity will be locked in our platform (check how to do it here). The LP tokens will be held in the locking contract, but here's the thing: you can still access your portion of the dividends.

Ask for it

The first step is to ask the Bridges Team to set the Dev wallet in your pair contract.
Send an email to [email protected] with the following subject: Set Pair Dev <token symbol>. Emails coming from unofficial accounts will not be ignored. Specify in the email the pair address and the dev wallet address.


Once your wallet is set, you will have to call withdrawSpecial(address from, address to) directly from the pair contract, with from being the locker address () and to being your dev wallet, every time you want to withdraw your dividends associated with the locked liquidity. Take a look at Create a dashboard in order to implement a dashboard for liquidity providers or an internal one to easily call the above function.

Burning Liquidity?

We've got you covered here as well. If you are burning the liquidity programmatically through your tokenomics, in order to lock it you can still access the dividends coming from the burned portion by calling withdrawSpecial(), with from being either the 0 address or the dead address.