Manage Dividends

Dividend paying token?

Do you have a dividend paying token with BNB among the available rewards and you're struggling to attract liquidity providers? We've got you covered. With Bridges, liquidity providers won't miss out on dividends anymore. Your holders can deposit liquidity, and our smart contract will do the math for you every time BNB are sent to the LP by your dividends distributor. By using our pair ABI you can easily set up a dashboard for your liquidity providers, or add it to your own dashboard if you already have one.

How it works

While dividend-paying tokens tend to exclude the pair contract from the rewards which leads to many projects struggling to attract liquidity providers, Bridges changes the narrative.
Each user depositing liquidity for your pair, will be entitled to a portion of the dividends sent to the pair contract, according to the percentage amount of liquidity they are providing. The amount owed to each user is updated every time the pair contract receives BNB. By depositing liquidity in your pair, a user will earn exactly the same amount of BNB as if they held the tokens in their wallet.
The contract only works with BNB.
If BNB is not among your incentives scheme, please refer to Alternative solutions.
Last modified 5mo ago