Launching Projects

For new projects that are not yet launched

Write your smart contracts

If you want to implement tokenomics in your token, then you will need to implement our router and most likely our factory interfaces in your code. You can find all of our smart contracts here. Each page features an explanation of the functions you can call from the interface and the interface file at the bottom of the page.

What you can build️

By integrating our Router interface you can programmatically swap your tokens, add liquidity, and have access to the Router functions.
Import our router interface in your code and initialize it in your token contract by adding it in the constructor:
IBridgesRouter router = IBridgesRouter(<router address>);
Once you have initialized the router interface, you can start implementing your logics by calling its functions.
Find a collection of the functions with their related explanations along with the router address and interface here.
If you are planning to programmatically burn the LP tokens to lock your liquidity, take a look at Dev dividends first.

What you must avoid ⛔️

Bridges Exchange is not a self-service platform. You may not programmatically create pairs. Don't include this functionality in your smart contract constructor, as it will fail. Instead, deploy your smart contracts first, and implement a function to update your pair address later in case you need it. Once you have your token contract address, communicate it to the team and the pair will be added for you.
After the pair is added, you will find your token in our platform under the liquidity and locker sections. You can now move on to deposit your liquidity and lock it for free.