Link to Bridges Exchange on Your Website

In order to add a link to your website that leads directly to swapping your token on Bridges Exchange, all you have to do is add the token query parameter to the general link as follows:
General link: Query param to add: ?token=<yourTokenSymbol> Example:
The parameter is not case sensitive, but it's good practice to double-check that it brings you to the right page before adding it to your website.
You can find our logo in the Media kit section.
Do you want to use our referral program to earn Bridge$ and dividends? Head to the dashboard, connect one of your project wallets, and click on Your referral link.
You can then add the token query param as mentioned above using & this time.
Users accessing the platforms through this link will be redirected to the swap page with your token preselected and will be asked to register you as their referrer. Track and collect your referral earnings from the dashboard. Now all your have to do is enjoy them!
Neither referrers nor referees pay for the program. The Bridge$ you will earn are provided by Bridges itself.