Lock Liquidity

In order to lock your liquidity, head to the Locker page. Once your token has been approved, you'll find a locker for your token. Click on Enable contract first, then click on Manage lock.
Choose Lock LP for your first lock.
Select the amount you want to lock, set the expiration date, and click Lock.
Once your liquidity is locked, send the transaction hash to [email protected] with the following subject:
Locked Liquidity <Token name>
Be sure to include the transaction hash and the desired go live date in your email
Congratulations, you are all set!
Your token will be added to the swap list, and your lock will be shown to the users in the info card.
Until we receive the locked liquidity transaction hash, the token will not be available to trade. Please send the email as soon as possible, and at least 2 days before your desired go live date.

Next steps

Once you're set up, you may want to add a direct link into your website and apply for a farm in the future.​