Listing Procedure

As a hybrid exchange-aggregator, you have two pathways to list with us. Before taking a decision, you may want to have a look at the benefits of bringing your liquidity over.

Bring your liquidity

​Bringing your liquidity is suitable for brand new projects launching with us. This also provides the most benefits for existing projects that are able to either migrate liquidity to Bridges Exchange or simply create a new liquidity pair on Bridges Exchange. In this option, you take full advantage of all DEX features.

Without creating a liquidity pair

Onboarding without liquidity is mostly suitable for projects that are already established, that have liquidity already locked on other platforms, and that are not willing or not able to create other liquidity pools at this time. With this path, Bridges will interact with an existing liquidity pool as an aggregator would.
In case you want to deposit liquidity later, you'll still be able to do that!