Security Audit

Guardian Audits for new projects

Don't overpay for your security audit! With Guardian Audits, the cost of your audit is based on vulnerabilities found thanks to their unique model. As a benefit of our partnership, projects listing with Bridges have access to a 20% discount on vulnerabilities fees (discount does not apply to the audit's base fee).
Once the audit is done, come back to us with the results. Specifically, you should provide:
  • A link to the verified contract on BscScan
  • Access to the GitHub commit containing the audited version of the smart contract
For newly-launching projects and recently-launched unaudited projects, Bridges only accepts audits from Guardian Audits.

Existing projects

For the projects that are already live and already have a security audit from a reputable firm, we will review that set of results. If you don't yet have a security audit, you will be asked to undergo an audit with our partner Guardian Audits.