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The world’s first dividend-paying DeFi aggregator optimized for tokens with built-in transaction fees.

You know your project matters—list with an exchange that shares that belief

The days of listing on exchanges that don't value your project are over. No more listing without ever speaking with the exchange or being able to receive support when you need it. Enough of being an address that your community has to copy and paste in order to swap. So many exchanges are profiting from your project without even bothering to understand the value that your project brings to Web3.
Bridges is dedicated to helping projects succeed, because it's going to take all of us to build the future of finance. We take the time to vet every project, learn about your goals and challenges, and provide you with benefits that aren't available on other exchanges. Take a look below at some of the benefits of listing your project’s token on Bridges Exchange.

Why Bridges?

Prove your credibility to holders

Show DeFi enthusiasts that your project is legitimate by passing our vetting procedure. Set your project apart from the thousands of new tokens coming out everyday across the blockchain.

Enjoy special benefits

With Bridges, you are not an address to copy and paste. Your token will be shown in our token list from the day your project goes live, making it easier for new holders to discover your project. Your name, logo, and project information will be shown directly on the swap page to help potential holders learn more about your project.
Get exposure among our communities through a dedicated series of launch events. Benefit from our network to get discounts on security audits, private KYC, and to meet other projects listed with us to expand your collaboration and growth possibilities.

Stabilize your liquidity faster

With zero commissions taken by Bridges Exchange on liquidity provider fees, grow your liquidity ~60% faster than most of the available decentralized exchanges on BNB chain. Every swap is charged 0.25%, and all of that is paid forward to liquidity providers with no fees charged from the protocol.


Allow your community of token holders to trade directly from their private wallet app, leaving them in full control of their funds. Holders don't need to create an account to swap your token on Bridges.
At the same time, benefit from the credibility of the Bridges vetting procedure and the advantage of listing on a premium platform. Bridges provides the freedom of a DEX with the safety of a CEX.

Deposit your liquidity when it suits you

Do you not have any unlocked liquidity to create a liquidity pool (LP) on Bridges Exchange? As a hybrid exchange-aggregator, we can tap into other liquidity pools. Talk with our team to see if we can access an existing liquidity pool until your LP is unlocked.

Boost your finances

Use our referral program to engage your community, earn Bridge$ and the dividends they generate to add other revenue streams for your project all at the same time. By holding at least 100 Bridge$ tokens, you'll earn dividends on not only your project’s volume, but on the volume of the entire exchange.

Lock and farm for free

Lock your liquidity for free through Bridges Exchange. We don't believe you should pay to do the right thing by your community.
Once you've locked your liquidity, apply for a farm to gain even more community trust as well as unlock additional Bridge$ inflows. Yes, you read that right: With Bridge$, you can farm your locked liquidity.

Dividend paying tokens: Earn dividends on liquidity

If your project is a dividend-paying token struggling to find liquidity providers, we've got you covered. Liquidity providers can provide liquidity to your token without missing out on the dividends. Learn how you can build a dashboard for your liquidity providers.

List on a premium exchange for free

Oh, and did we mention that listing on Bridges is free? Like you, we've seen the exchanges that ask for tens of thousands of dollars in order to list. With Bridges Exchange, there's no listing fee—just as DeFi should be.
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